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Cost Action FP1202 MaP-FGR final meeting



joint Final Conference on 

Marginal and peripheral tree populations: a key genetic resource for European forests”

When: 26-29 September 2016
Host: Consiglio per la ricerca in agricoltura e l’analisi dell’economia agraria, Forestry Research Centre (CREA SEL), Arezzo (Italy) 
Venue: CREA SEL, Viale Santa Margherita 80, 52100 Arezzo (Italy)

Marginal and peripheral tree populations

The effects of climate change are likely to be stronger and more rapid in marginal and peripheral populations (MaP) of forest trees than elsewhere. MaP forest populations are at the edges of species ranges where conditions are less suitable for survival. Studying adaptive processes in these populations is crucial and of mutual interest for European and neighbouring countries for understanding the evolution of species and developing gene pool (FGR) conservation and management strategies and networks to cope with global changes. These populations are not only threatened by modern climate changes but also by other disturbances arising from human pressures and they may prove invaluable for adapting the European forestry sector.

Download here the final agenda and book of abstracts.

More information on the filed trip are available here.

Authors interested in submitting a scientific article on for the special number of iForest will follow a review process, based on iForest rules.


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Side event on Cost Action FP1202 at the Committee on Forestry (COFO)

20 July 2016, 13:00
Italy, Rome, FAO HQ, Canada Room (A357)
Download here the agenda and report of the event.
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V Plenary meeting, Bucharest (Romania), 14-15 October 2015



IV Plenary meeting, Edinburgh (UK), 29-31 October 2014


III Plenary meeting, Sesimbra (Portugal), 28th- 30th May 2014

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WG4 meeting for the finalisation of the webpage of Cost Action FP1202 (Rome), 23th -28th October 2013

WG4 meeting for the finalisation of the first Newsletter of Cost Action FP1202 (Ljubljana), 19th -20th November 2013

WG1 meeting “Ecological conditions and climate change impacts affecting MaP populations: compilation and standardization methods for geodatabases” (Spain), 29th-30th November 2013

WG2 and WG3 joint meeting “Sharing data and meta-data on the importance of marginal populations for forestry in Europe“ (France), 10th-12th December 2013


II Plenary meeting, Eger (Hungary), 13th- 17th September 2013


Annual Progress Conference, Madrid (Spain), 25th-26th March 2013


Kick-off meeting, Rome (Italy), 24th-25th January 2013


I Management Committee Meeting, Brussels (Belgium), 8th November 2012

Dissemination events:

Cost Action FP1202 MaP-FGR will be presented during a side event at COP21 in Paris.
  • Event: “Mediterranean forests and us facing climate change”
  • Date: 7 December 2015
  • Time: 14:00 to 15:00
  • Place: COP21, Le Bourget, Climate Generations area (outside the blue zone)
  • Venue: “Nature-based solutions” pavilion (stand A27)



Perspectives on the Portuguese contribution for the COST Action Fp1202, possibilities and limits, Oeiras (Portugal), 8th November 2013


III Mediterranean Forest Week, Tlemcen (Algeria), 17-21 March 2013


Intergovernamental Technical Working Group on Forest Genetic Resources, Rome (Italy), 23-25 January 2013